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What is an Assistant from Growth Assist?

An Assistant from Growth Assist is an offshore talent from the Philippines ready to support your business. All are college educated, have perfect English skills and 2+ years of relevant work experience. It takes us roughly 2 weeks to find and place the perfect Assistant based on your exact needs.

Will my Assistant only work for me? What about the time difference?

Yes, your Assistant is an extension of your team. All Assistants work full time (40 hours per week) for only your company during your preferred working hours. They are just like a regular team member.

What tasks can an Assistant support?

Every Assistant is sourced based on your exact needs. They will arrive ready to support your business right away!

While our Assistants can take on a wide variety of tasks, aim to use them as support so your team has more bandwidth for high value, strategic tasks. 

What is the full process from signing up to getting my Assistant?

Once we have received your enquiry form, we will schedule a call to learn more about your needs. The moment you are ready to move forward, we will start sourcing your Assistant based on what we discussed.

Within 2 weeks, we should have found the perfect Assistant for you. All screening, interviewing, testing and vetting is done by our team – you can sit back and relax.

Once your Assistant is found our team supports the onboarding to ensure you and your Assistant are set up for long term success. But even after the kickoff, we won’t leave you alone, we will regularly check in and support any of your needs.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! We only hire top talent and very rarely have any issues. If however you are not happy with your hire, we will interview and provide a new assistant within 7 days free of charge.

How much can I save?

The majority of roles are $1495 per month. This is for 40 hours work a week. All Assistants work full time for only your company during your preferred working hours. They are just like a regular team member.

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